Jan 20 2014
A Clash of Kings: Mod of Mount and Blade: Warband

a clash of kings


A Clash of Kings is a player made modification of the classic game Mount and Blade: Warband. It is based off of George R. R. Martin’s best selling A Song of Fire and Ice series better known as A Game of Thrones. Although Mount and Blade: Warband is a pretty old game, dating back to 2008, the modification is very new and has updated many graphics and features of the game.

Mount and Blade is an open ended role playing game with a superb first person combat system, second to none even today.

The world of A Game of Thrones is a perfect backdrop for this classic game and this mod truly shows it. Every aspect of the Mount and Blade game has been changed by the mod to make players feel like they are in Westeros.

The biggest and most obvious change in the mod is the world map. Instead of the Warband map you are now in the continent of Westeros. Continent of WesterosYou start out the game by choosing what type of person you want to be, whether it’s a landed knight or a sellsword. Then you customize your character and set out in the Stormlands by Storm’s End. At this point you are just a lowly knight with no army and skills so you must go into towns and castles to get quests to gain experience and expand your army.

I had an absolute blast with this mod right out of the gate because I already loved the Warband game itself and to have it set in the Game of Thrones world is fantastic. I love open ended or sand box style role playing games, which means you can go anywhere and do anything you want. You are not stuck on a linear storyline and as a result you make your own story. Sand box games can be dull if there is not enough content however but this mod doesn’t lack for features. All your favorite characters and locations are included and tons of dialogue as well. The characters have even been modified in game to look like the characters in the HBO series. clash of kings

Since I know the books really well and this mod is called A Clash of Kings, when the game started I set out immediately for the Riverlands, knowing that that is where the instant action and war would be found.  I completed a few quests along the way, which are the same found in Warband: kill a fugitive, find and destroy the bandit camp etc. So when I got to River Run I had a small little band of warriors at my disposal.

Edmure TulleyI found Edmure Tully in the field with his army and he offered to hire me and my company as Sellswords in his service and of course I accepted. From this point on I went around the Riverlands and into the Westerlands harassing the Lannister’s army with my small little band. Eventually my army grew and so did my experience level and I got to the point where I was awarded a Castle that we had taken away from the Lannisters. At this point I swore fealty to the Tullys and I was now a liege lord.

I provided just a small beginning of my experience with this game. If you were to play it you can do anything you want as well. If you like the Lannisters you can go to Kings Landing and swear fealty to Joffery or go to Harrenhal and swear to Tywin Lannister. Or if you like making money and switching sides depending on how the war goes stay a Sellsword and go where the money and fighting is at.

I was only able to experience a small portion of the game so far. You can go anywhere and do anything from the Wall down to Dorne. You can also travel to Essos across the Narrow Sea and try your luck over there with the always raging battles between the Free Cities.

The scale and size of this mod is epic and very well done.

If you enjoy the Game of Thrones Series and loved the game Mount and Blade: Warband than this mod is a must for you.

Since it is a player made modification it is also free! If you have never played Mount and Blade: Warband I highly suggest you purchase it off Amazon and give it a try. It is an older game so most any computer can run it. This mod will be a source of endless hours of entertainment, as it is for me.

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