Jan 4 2014
Big Love Season 1 Review

biglove season 1Big Love Season 1 Review:

I just recently re-watched the Big Love Series by HBO on HBO Go and I had forgotten how great of a series it really is. Even though it was first aired in 2006 it is still a very modern show and of course a great HBO production. If you have not seen the series at all I highly recommend you buy Season 1 on DVD and try it out for yourself because HBO shows are always of the best quality and entertainment value. Big Love is a show that centers on a polygamous family and their head of household and husband Bill Henrickson. Bill has three wives Barbara, Nicolet, Margaret and their many children spread out in three adjacent homes in a suburb of Sandy, Utah. Bill owns a home improvement business similar to Home Depot called Home Plus. He also lives in an area dominated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or LDS for short. His religion is fundamentalist LDS called FLDS for short, and both religions are based off of Mormonism. As a result of the LDS swearing off polygamy in the late 1800s FLDS Mormons have to live their lifestyle in hiding as Bill and his family are. The first Season sets about to introduce Bill and his family setting up the stage for how they go about living this secret life while juggling all their problems as a family unit. The show sets off stark contrasts of a loving and deeply devoted family that does some very very strange things such as Bill rotating which night he sleeps with each of his wives. Big Love takes you through all the drama that happens inside this family unit and shows insight into why they would take on such an ordeal as risk their livelihood practicing polygamy. In short FLDS believe it is a calling to have multiple wives and call it the Principle and a righteous man must take on as many wives and has as many children by them as possible to strengthen their family in eternity. Along with introducing this bizarre family set up to the viewers the first season also focuses heavily on Bill’s business Home Plus and how he struggles to expand his company all the while keeping his entire life a secret to his co-workers and business peers.  Things are originally looking up for Home Plus as they have expanded to a second store and are looking to add on a third, however problems arise when Bill tries to hide his net worth from an investor that takes 15% from his profits. This investor happens to be the leader of the FLDS community who styles himself there Prophet and is basically a cult leader. This man named Roman Grant is also the father of Bill’s second wife Nikki Grant which only adds to the problems Bill has to struggle with.

The first season of Big Love does a fantastic job of putting the viewers in the center of all this turmoil.

It shows a shocking insight to a lifestyle and religious system that most Americans have never seen before. Big Love puts you in the center of Bill and all his decisions, some good and some horrible but all the while he struggles on thinking it is his religious calling and righteousness that will see him prevail.

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