Dec 3 2013
Dead Rising 3 Review: Killing Zombies Has Never Been So Fun

When I finally completed Dead Rising 3 my kill count was over 30,000.


This might have been the most absurd yet fun game I have played in some time.  I was never a fan of the Dead Rising series and hesitated on Dead Rising 3, but I am glad I didn’t back out.

Dead Rising 3 Video Review

The developers made a nice change by simply giving the option to change pace. They did this by giving you the option to play with or without time.  This was a wonderful addition.  I hated feeling like I missed something important when crunched for time when play Dead Rising 2.

Faster Than….

I completed Dead Rising 3 in about 30 hours and that means finding and unlocking everything on the game... Everything!  This is why I liked having no-timer, because now I am ready to jump into Nightmare mode which has the dreaded timer and answer the challenge without feeling as though I left something out of the game.

My first play through I received the S ending, which is one of 10 different endings to the game.  YES 10 endings.

You never feel like weapons get boring because by the time you feel like you had enough, you find another blueprint or you weapon breaks forcing you to change your play style.

Perks and leveling is a nice touch, but you can max out all your stats, which I never liked because decision making is not that important.  I like games like the Diablo 1 where stat points change the way you play and gives you more reason to play again to build a different character.

Launch Titles I Have Played:

Kill Zone: I didn’t finished got bored

Resogun: My Second favorite launch title

Ryse Son Of Rome: Great story and graphics boring after one play-through

Battlefield 4: Same game just adding a 4 at the end of the title

Dead Rising 3:  I started and finished without playing another game in-between.   My favorite at launch.

Concerns People Are Having

I know people will talk about the frame rate issues, but I personally didn’t see any that effected or disrupted the gameplay.

720p vs 1080p I didn’t think it was necessary because the graphics did call for it, plus you don’t really have time to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Too many zombies,  there are a lot I am guessing at one time there was probably over 500 – 1000 on screen at once.  How is that a problem IDK?

Note on the Smart Glass

The smart glass is a little glitchy, but when it is at 100% it is a great addition to the game.  The smartglass is utilize in a very clever way and it will unlock extra content… SO USE IT!

     Pic      Product Title Pricing
Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition Price: $15.43 - $18.04
Dead Rising 3 Price: $3.02 - $6.91

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