Feb 7 2014
Disneyworld! My Yearly Vacation With The Family

I am one of the fortunate people in the world!  I get to go on vacation with my family every year.  It has actually become a tradition.  We usually go around Halloween and attend the “Not So Scary Halloween Party” in The Magic Kingdom where you trick or treat all over the park, watch the parade where the Headless Horseman makes an appearance,  ride all the rides and of course there are many, many places to eat.  Everyone is dressed in costume, some are scary, some are the different Disney characters and then there are the little girls who go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and have there hair, nails and makeup done as well as buy a princess ball gown.  This makes them feel like a princess, and you know how little girls love that!

This year we celebrated my son-in-laws 50th Birthday on Nov 1 and then my daughters Birthday on Nov 3 as well as Halloween.  We had reservations at the new restaurant in Fantasyland called  “Be Our Guest Restaurant” which showcases Beauty and the Beast.  It is actually the castle in Beauty and the Beast.  The ambiance was phenomenal and the food out of this world.  One of the desserts is call The Grey Stuff and is to die for!  The Beast appeared several times during our dinner and then when we were done we visited him and had pictures taken with him and he is really a BIG BEAST!  The stars must have been with us that evening because just as we walked outside the fireworks started.  Since we were in Fantasyland they were right above us and I have never seen fireworks from that vantage point.  It was unbelievable!  We went to the new attraction also, called Under the Sea-Journey of The Little Mermaid.  You go below the waves for a splashy musical adventure and it was great.  Well, after a  full days adventure, dinner and fireworks we headed home for the evening to the Treehouses which are part of the Disney Vacation Club at Saratoga Springs.

The Treehouse was an adventure all it’s own.  It is literally a free standing, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a full kitchen, living room and dining room.  There is also a washer and dryer if needed.  The bathroom  in the master bedroom has a shower and a jetted bathtub in the same enclosure.  It is really neat.  The bubbles in the tub spilled over into the shower and my granddaughter had suds half way up the see through door.  Check out that visual!!  The counters in the kitchen and bathrooms are all granite with the latest features.  There is also a deck outside with tables and chairs set in the wilderness.  A barbecue is also provided.  There are 4 handicap equipped units so no one is exempt from enjoying The Treehouses.  There was one afternoon when the parks were so crowded that we went back to The Treehouse, swam in the heated pool and hot tub then had a steak BBQ.  By the way, it sleeps 9 and room on the floor for more if necessary.  All in all, this was a great experience.

Epcot was the next park to explore.  We always walk in and head directly to the ride in the big ball.  It has also become a tradition.  The new Test Track was the next stop.  We so enjoyed the old version so of course we had to try the new one.  You actually design your own car before you  take the ride.  It was a whole lot of fun and we had a new experience.  The picture they take of each car was hilarious with my hair covering my face.  I tried to get it off my face but we were going so fast it never happened.  I had to go again so I could see what was really going on!  We went on a lot of the other attractions, did a considerable amount of pin trading, watched the fireworks at Epcot and again went home happy campers to The Treehouse.




Hollywood Studios is always a fun place with Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollercoaster.  Soaring is also quite an exciting ride.  You sit in this seat with your legs dangling and soar through the country and see all the sights.  It is really exciting.  The wind is even in your face!  We took The Back Lot Tour and one of things we saw was all the old props that were used in the various movies.  It was really interesting right up to big airplanes, 18 wheelers falling off the road, explosions and floods!  WOW…The Indiana Jones show was action packed as usual and we sat right in the front row.  What a vantage point that was.  Gunshots, fighting, explosions, fire…what else is there, on yes, planes, trucks and acrobats!  We even managed to get into The Toy Story Ride.  It is like an arcade and you compete to see who can get the most points shooting at objects.  That  really caused a lot of fun and excitement.  Of course, my hand was sore when we were done from yanking on the rope to shoot at the objects.  There were a lot of other attractions we saw then went home again to The Treehouse for dinner and prepared to ride the boat to Downtown Disney for the evening.  Of course, the first place we headed for was the Ice Cream Parlor for dessert which was absolutely sinful, but that is what vacation is all about.  We ate rather healthy most of the time..

We checked out the next morning and headed for Animal Kingdom before heading home which is only an hour away for me.  It was cooler that day so the animals were all out and active.  The Safari was awesome that day because of the cooler air also.  My son-in-law and granddaughter went on Expedition Everest and Splash Mountain and got wet even though they had on ponchos!  We went on several more rides and explored all over the park and decided to head for home since the rain was coming.

This was a marvelous vacation and time well spent with my family.  I did all this with riding my mobility scooter all over the parks so even if you are disabled in some way, you too can explore and enjoy Disney World with ease.  The Cast Members direct you on how to approach the attractions, where to park, if you can transfer, and what to do if you can’t. They are all very helpful and Happy. You get off the scooter, get on the ride and then your mobility device is waiting at the other end for you. It is great!!




















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