Dec 30 2013
Europa Universalis IV Review

Europa Universalis IV is a grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive.

Europa Universalis IV is obviously the fourth such game that they have released in which it is the biggest and best made to date.

Paradox Interactive has a long history of creating grand strategy games tailored to a europaspecific audience and they have only been getting better throughout the years. This game uses their newest game engine called Clausewitz and it was long overdue since many of their previously released games were created on a subpar game engine that didn’t utilize dual and quad core processor technology and as a result the games were laggy and sluggish.

Europa Universalis is Latin for Europe Universe and is a nation building game set in the late medieval period and start of the Renaissance.

In playing Europa players get to choose any nation on the planet that existed in the 15th century. Once you select your nation you than get to run every aspect of it, from politics, economy and warfare. If you have never played a Paradox grand strategy game before it can be massively overwhelming and as a result of this it can turn away many new potential players. But if you have played any Paradox games in the past you will be pleasantly surprised at the similarities EU4 has with its earlier games and other such grand strategy games made by Paradox.

Europa Universalis IV is tailored for a very specific audience, people who like board games like Risk or Axis and Allies, for example.

Europa ultra complex and in depth nature is not for casual gamers, so if you have a hard time with Super Mario Brothers this game is not for you. If you love history and love strategy based games such as Starcraft 2 and the Command and Conquer series than there is a good chance this game will appeal to you.

Europa IV is very unforgiving and the environment set up by Paradox is amazing. The sheer scale and scope of the game makes you feel like you are truly a part of historyeuropa and the idea of taking control of an entire kingdom or nation and ruling it as you will gives you a chance to rewrite history on a grand scale. You might even find that you will learn a lot as you play because all the nations, religions and statistics portrayed in the game are all historically accurate.

The one negative aspect of Europa Universalis IV, however, is Paradox’s use of the Free to Play gaming model in which people who buy the game don’t get full access to all the content.

If you want to use special military units, countries and scenarios it is required that you purchase them separately and this is extremely frustrating. It is apparent that the days of buying a computer or video game for $60 and receiving everything that game has to offer is now over. Your $60 investment merely gets you in the door and from there you are enticed to spend more money to unlock the games full content and features.

Europa Universalis IV is still a great addition to Paradox Interactive’s long list of games, even despite the F2P content. If you love Paradox games or if you love strategy games and history I highly encourage you to give EU4 a shot.

The tutorial is very good, albeit long and if you stick with it you will be pleasantly surprised at what a great game Europa Universalis IV is.

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Europa Universalis IV [Online Game Code] Price: $39.99
Europa Universalis IV Conquest Collection [Online Game Code] Price: $59.99

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