Dec 19 2013
Game Of Thrones Season 1 Review

 Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 1 Review:

I am going to start this article off by saying first that I read the books several times years before the HBO show came out. I was extremely excited about hearing this because with most movie productions of books their isn’t enough time in the film to really do the book justice, and since this was going to be a series it allowed for 10-12 hours of cinematography to follow along with the book. That being said Game of Thrones is easily the most complicated and complex book I have ever read and keeping that in mind even with all the time allowed with a series they still were not able to include everything that I would have liked and even did some plot changes towards the end, however they were minor in my opinion.

One of the best parts of the Game of Thrones HBO series is the BEAUTIFUL sets, stages and props.

They spared no expense to try and immerse the viewer into the Game of Thrones world. From the icy cold wall all the way down to the hot summer nights in the south at King’s Landing, you can truly feel the atmosphere that the producers are trying to show you.

The cast is also very well chosen with my personal favorites being Mark Addy as King Robert Baratheon and Sean Bean as Eddard Stark. These two A list Hollywood actors help set the stage for the series and launch it off superbly. Great pains were also taken to choose actors that fit the descriptions in the book both in looks and personality and for that HBO gets a high regard. I have watched so many movies turned over from books in which the producers chose actors that looked and acted nothing like the authors description in the books and it has always helped to ruin the experience for me.

In Season 1 the HBO producers followed the book so well, in fact, that up until episode 5-6 the series follows the book quite literally word for word. For myself, a reader of the books before the Series this initial following of the book word for word at the start of the Series was absolutely vital. It helped to show that the producers were dedicated to putting George R R Martin’s story onto the screen as best as they could. Even though towards the end of the first Season there are some divergences from the plot along with a couple additions to help explain other characters, I didn’t really mind them as much as I thought I would. The first major plot changes I saw could easily be explained by simplifying the story line to allow the first book to fit into 12 hours of the first season. The additional scenes that show up that are no where in the book are interesting by virtue of their tendency to be entirely sex related scenes. The books are extreme sexual in content though so these additions don’t really change the story or its atmosphere.

Overall I was completely impressed with this HBO series and so far the additional seasons have been great as well. HBO is quite obviously the only company that could handle a production project of this scale and I am ever grateful that they did it. The only really big concern I have is with what happened to HBO’s Rome, which after three seasons was abruptly canceled in mid story due to production costs being to high.

In this respect Game of Thrones is following suit because to date the Game of Thrones Series is this most expensive cinema project ever.

We can only hope that the popularity of this new series can overcome its looming threat of expensive production, because I am very excited to see how HBO decides to tell this amazing story.

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