Oct 17 2013
Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a game that will attract many consumers.  It has many elements to it such as participating in tennis, yoga, hiking, racing on sea and on land, flying planes, golfing, cycling, diving, hunting, and more with the in-game characters. It is a huge step up for Rockstar, the creator of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Grand Theft Auto 4 received much praise for its quirky comedy and great graphics, but Grand Theft Auto 5 beats it by a landslide. Grand Theft Auto 5 is grand theft autolocated in Los Santos, a City based off of present day Los Angeles, California. The graphics are very precise and lifelike. The game shows every detail in the landscape. If you were driving in the in-game location Sandy Shores, you would notice that as you are driving over the sand you can actually see the sand being thrown everywhere from the backtrack of your vehicle’s tires.  The landscape and physical condition of the characters of Grand Theft Auto 5 truly is what it was meant to represent, America.

Grand Theft Auto Story Line

The story-line to Grand Theft Auto 5 is very connected. You play as 3 different characters: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Each has their own story on how they ended up where they are at the beginning of the game and as you progress on with the game you realize this. Michael is a retired bank robber in his mid to late 40’s who is trying to be the best father to his children.

Franklin is a man in his early 20’s whose only goal is to make money no matter what it takes. And Trevor is basically a psychopath who makes a life selling drugs and killing anyone who pisses him off and also happens to be best friends with Michael. One very interesting thing about being able to play as these 3 different characters is that they all play a different role when playing missions.

For example, during a heist, Michael could be the one who breaks into the bank to rob the money while Trevor can stay behind and back Michael up while looking through a sniper. Franklin on the other hand could be waiting out front as a get-away driver. And you can easily switch between each of them at any point when it is allowed.

Grand Theft Multi-player Mode

Grand Theft Auto 5 also has a multi-player mode that lets you create your own character and live in the fictional city of Los Santos. You can buy a car, buy a house, and live like you would in reality. You either have the option to play with other friends online, or play alone in a solo session. The main objective of Grand Theft Auto 5 online is money.

Everything is expensive so you have to earn your money somehow. Some of the opportunity’s to earn money can be to do jobs for the various in-game characters that you meet on your journey, or you can simply rob a local convenience store. There are also many activities you can compete in against other friends that pay very well if you come out on top. You can customize what your character wears, what he/she looks like, or even give them tattoos. The detail of Grand Theft Auto Online shows how hardworking and devoted the Rockstar developers were when making this game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a fun and enjoyable video game that teenagers and adults will enjoy if interested. It’s witty, humorous, very dirty, violent, and all around a great game. I personally enjoyed Grand Theft Auto 5 very much. The moment I saw it was being developed, I knew that I would purchase this game as soon as it was released. Personally, I would give Grand Theft Auto 5 a score of 9.5 out of 10. The experiences I have with this game are tremendously great. I would definitely recommend someone to buy this game and enjoy it as much as I do.




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Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 Price: $27.32 - $32.96
Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox One Price: $30.91 - $33.97



Grand Theft Auto 5 is a fun and enjoyable video game that teenagers and adults will enjoy if interested.


+ Great experience with game
+ Enjoyable
+ Multi layered


- Very violent
- Dirty

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