Dec 27 2013
Grepolis: A Game Review


Grepolis is a browser based Massive Multiplayer Online game or MMO by InnoGames

It won the 2012 MMO game of the year award and is still very popular almost two years later. The game is played in real time with actions taking a set amount of minutes or hours to complete and is also based off of the Free to play model or F2P. It is set up in Antiquity of Greece where a player builds up his/her Greek style city, completes quests, gathers resources and tries to conquer their neighbors. It is extremely simple to play and also very addicting to get into.

A player starts out with a basic city and has to start upgrading their farms for food, silver mines for money etc to get going. After you build up a little bit of infrastructure you move onto making a barracks and training an army. This leads you to conquering neighboring farming villages around your island for resources, which you can raid frequently from here on out. grepolis 1You also set up a temple and choose one of several Greek Gods such as Hera, Hades or Zeus to worship which will give you a varying set of different bonuses. The game is set up in real time, so for example, when you build a level 3 Farm it will take only a couple minutes to complete. When you get up to a level 15 Farm it will take several hours to complete. So it is set up to not take a lot of time to play but requires frequent visits to the website or on your phone via the mobile app.

Once you spend a couple days building up your city and after joining an alliance the PvP (Player versus player) comes into play. This part of the game is essentially mathematical odds and can be very confusing for newer players to this style of game. The best example to give, which over simplifies it, is playing the board game Risk. The computer “throws a series of dice” based on the statistics of the defending and attacking units and will decide who wins or loses and which units live or die. Now you cannot conquer another player’s city but you can raid them for almost all their resources depending on the success level of your attack. That way a player can never be knocked out of the game, just temporarily crippled in their ability to build more men and structures. If you really get into the game at this point you may be stuck for a long time. Because of the PvP nature of the game there are forums that get set up for your alliance along with message forums to talk to your enemies. So it can get very political and intense at this point where alliances or players make pacts with other players and in doing so make a different group of players feel threatened and thus they choose to declare war and attack. There is no end to the PvP drama and that aspect in itself can be very fun to be involved with.

Basically the game is never ending and if you dedicate time into it you will never be able to “Win” but once you get to the “End Game” portion of the game it is entirely based off of PvP and player to player relations anyways. Where InnoGames makes their money is on these players who get competitive and want to defeat the other player.

Since Grepolis is a Free to Play (F2P) modeled game, players can buy bonus and special items with real life money to make their city and army better in game.

Something that seems silly on the outside looking in but quite obviously works very well due to the huge success of the game to date. I suggest for people to try out this game because it can be pretty fun to city build and do some light conquering. Just be warned that the further you go into the rabbit whole the more time and money this game will try and suck out of you. But if you are having fun who cares right?

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