Jan 26 2014
A Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Review

hearthstone-heroes-of-warcraft-logo Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is a Blizzard Entertainment production based off of the old Wizards of the Coast’s card game Magic: The Gathering. Blizzard is the proud producer of such games as Diablo, Starcraft and World of Warcraft. This is a great idea since both World of Warcraft and Magic are based in fantasy worlds with lots of magic and lore to be had all around. Hearthstone had just recently come out and at the moment is in open beta. This means that for the moment the game is free for anyone to try and play but the version is not stable. Crashes and errors can frequently occur and players who participate in open Beta events are encouraged to log bug reports to the developers to help them stabilize the game for release.

Get ready for a Wizard’s Duel in Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

hearthstone-monsterThe game play premise is one of extreme simplicity and that is what makes Hearthstone so much fun. You can choose to fight either a computer opponent or duel an actual player on the net; each player chooses their Heroes which are based in the World of Warcraft. In my first Hearthstone duel I was set against Gul’dan who is an Orchish Warlock with myself being Jaina Proudmore, a Human Mage.

In Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft each class is unique

In Hearthstone there are several classes such as Warlock, Mage, Warrior etc all based off of the Heroes classes found in the game World of Warcraft. These classes have the same basic skills and weaknesses of their World of Warcraft counterparts; Mages specialize in damage and Warriors focus on defense. The Battlenet server, which is Blizzard’s multiplayer hosting arena, decides which player goes first. The player that goes second is allotted an extra card to their hand. Each card does a special effect causing damage to the Heroes (the players) or minions, casting minions and several other effects. These cards require Mana to cast with the smaller and less powerful cards costing less Mana than the larger more powerful ones. As the turns progress each player is gradually allowed more and more Mana so that the bigger and more damaging cards come into play.  To win in Hearthstone you must kill the opposing Hero.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is set in the beautiful and complex World of Warcraft

If you have played any of the Warcraft games from the original series up into World of Warcraft than you will absolutely love the atmosphere presented in Hearthstone. All the Heroes are key figures in Warcraft story and lore, and so are all of the cards as well. My favorite cards to cast are the Murlocs!hearthstone-wizard If you have ever played World of Warcraft and fought a Murloc than you know exactly why they are so funny, in Hearthstone every time you summon one or attack with one you hear their goofy attack call. You cannot escape the F2P model even in Hearthstone World of Warcraft Here is the one frustrating key feature to Hearthstone it is set up in a Free to Play model. I hate F2P set ups with a burning passion as do most video game players! The only reason why I accept F2P in Hearthstone is very simple, it’s basically a collectors card game set up as a computer game. So if they were to make cards in real life you would have to order booster packs, start up kits etc. While they do have these in Hearthstone there are ways to get around spending money to get booster packs and upgrades. herod of warcraftI do not know, however, how this F2P model will hold up in Hearthstone’s ranked dueling system. Like all Blizzard games Heroes of Warcraft has a complex and competitive ladder and rank system set up. So it is very possible for players to spend real money to gain a rather large competitive edge against opponents allowing them to rank higher up on the ladder faster.

Fans of Blizzard Entertainment will absolutely love Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

From the very start I had an absolute blast playing this game. As always Blizzard does a top notch job creating a fun and beautiful environment which makes the game play all the more fun. To date the rules, classes and cards seem extremely well balanced and the matching system, which sets you against players of your same skill level, works great as well. Additionally Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft has done an amazing job mimicking the dueling style and feel of the classic card game Magic the Gathering. So even though the Free to Play model is very upsetting it appears that it is the way of the computer gaming world for now and I will not let it get in the way of the great experience I had in Hearthstone.

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