Dec 11 2013
How The Grinch Stole Christmas

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“You’re a mean one Mister Grinch!” What a classic tune. Almost anybody will instantly recognize it as the theme song to the old short film of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Although this Christmas classic is some 40 years old it is still beloved by many families, including my own, today. And even with a few more modern remakes done in the recent past, to me, this film is still the best.

The story has even more relevance today than when it was first produced. With American materialism still on the rise, what we wear, own or drive is suppose to define how good of people we are. For example, to not have a cell phone in today’s society is considered weird and most people would simply assume it is because your are poor or cannot manage your money. That someone would simply choose not to carry one would almost certainly not cross their minds.

If you were to watch the Grinch again with this thought in mind, you will truly find this show more amusing. The grumpy old Grinch and his little dog Max looking down on Whoville while the Grinch grumbles on about his dislike for all the happy people down there is very funny to watch. He thinks exactly like a modern day Grinch would. To spoil their happiness and destroy their joyous moods he will take away all their presents, decorations and toys. In his eyes, much like most of us today, without a Christmas tree and presents to be had there could be no fun or joy. For Christmas is surely about getting the newest and best gadget to show off at work or school!

The Grinch sets off to Destroy Christmas

His mission is to plunder all of Whoville. Which, of course, he does and makes off as a thief in the night to his cave to hoard all his loot. However as morning comes all the Whos gather around and sing joyously. For them Christmas is about family and fellowship and though all of their possessions are gone, they still have each other and for that they are happy and thankful. As we all know the Grinch sees the happy Whos below and is overcome by their Christmas spirit. He then returns all he has stolen and is promptly invited to partake in all the Christmas festivities. Even being allowed to sit at the head of the table and to get the honors of cutting the Roast Beast!

With this story we should take a strong look at ourselves and ask what is Christmas for me? Is it about what you will potentially receive or is it about family? So remember if the evil Grinch can learn to see what Christmas really is so indeed can you!

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