Dec 11 2013
Shrek The Halls


Shrek the Halls is a 30-minute short film for Christmas, based off of the old Christmas Show classics such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Charlie Brown’s Christmas. It was great fun to watch and does not include any adult themed jokes so prevalent in a lot of the movies today, so skeptical parents need not worry. ‘Tis all Christmas joy and fun throughout the short flick.

It opens with Shrek freaking out over how to spend Christmas with his wife Fiona and there three little Ogre-lings. Shrek buys a book and uses it as a guide to create the stereotypical perfect Christmas for his family.

However all his plans are ruined when all the favorite past characters come barging into his house in the swamp to celebrate Christmas; Donkey, Puss in boots, Pinocchio and many others. Shrek of course freaks out as all his crazy friends rampage through the house attempting to help decorate the place but of course end up causing more harm than good.

The story continues with a few of the characters sharing their point of view of how Christmas should be. My personal favorite being Puss in Boots’ story of “Santa Claws” decked out as a kitty Santa meets Mask of Zorro dashing into the house through the chimney scratching an “S” mark on the wall instead of the Zorro “Z.”

Of course things soon turn for the worse when all the hectic friends end up destroying most of the house. So Shrek, in typical fashion, freaks out and starts yelling at everyone. He soon has them all kicked out and running away as fast as they can into the cold snowy night.

Shrek, satisfied with the expulsion of the riff-raff turns to go back inside and finish Christmas the way he things it should be done. But Fiona meets him and the three babes all dressed in their warmest clothes who are also leaving the house after their friends. Shrek is of course horrified and confused at his wife’s attitude and asks her why. She explains that the people he kicked out were also their family and that he must love and accept them as well. Shrek soon figures out the errors of his ways and has the whole gang back over for a lovely Shrek Christmas.

Overall this show was great fun for the whole family and an instant modern Christmas classic. As stated before the show attempts to revive the old Christmas specials of 30-40 years ago like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, among others, and does a great job at that. It will be interesting to see if this show will stand the test of time like its predecessors and become an annual classic for the kids and all the family to sit down and watch for Christmas year after year.

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