Jan 6 2014
SpoofCard Review


 Spoof Card is a product that allows the caller to change the number that shows up on the receiving ends caller ID.

The name goes back several years ago when you actually bought a physical calling card that SpoofCard sold and from there you made your calls. Now a days it has grown much bigger and they now have a mobile app called Phone Gangster along with a website to facilitate the calls; as you guessed it spoofcard.com.

The way it works is quite simple, you simply type in the number you want to call and then add in the number you want to show up on their called ID. You have to pre-pay for a credit, which basically is a minute’s system, and once the information is processed it gives you a Telebanking number to call. Once you call this number it reroutes your call to the number you listed as the recipient. They have several fun and new features available now through the website such as recording the entire call, a voice changer to male or female voices and a selection of background noises like an airport, traffic, rain etc.

The website works great and has a whole host of options available to use along with being very simple to follow. The mobile app is very buggy and hasn’t been improved much and now a days it is just as easy to use the internet on your mobile device anyways so I wouldn’t suggest bothering with the Phone Gangster app until they have made some serious updates and changes to it. This product is also not very cheap either and is designed for short calls unless you want to fork out a lot of money. The credit system equates to something like 15 cents a minute depending on how many credits you buy. Also if you call someone and they don’t answer and the call goes to voicemail, there goes one credit so be careful.

The options this product allows are limitless, my favorite being prank phone calls on friends with myself trying to imitate someone else they know with silly noises going off in the background. One thing to note is let’s say for example you want to prank phone call your dad as his wife. If your dad has his wife’s phone number saved in his phone, as let’s say Wife, when you call as that number it will say Wife calling on his screen instead of just a number. Equally as fun is changing your voice to a female and trying to hold a conversation with them until they realize it’s all a joke.

There are serious and business considerations SpoofCard could offer, such as trying to reach someone who won’t answer your calls. If you know they will answer for someone else, than call as them.

I was originally shown this product by someone who does Private Investigations and I am sure how you could see this tool being useful for such a person.

Ultimately SpoofCard is fun to use for play and easy to use for serious matters.

It is pretty cheap for short calls considering the range of options you can add to the call. I have never had any problems with the website or their service and I think it could be fun and useful for people to check out.

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