Feb 4 2014
Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm: Review

Blizzard has done it again with the latest installment to the Starcraft 2 saga with the expansion Heart of the Swarm.

When I first got Starcraft 2 a few years back I was initially upset about the idea that the starcraft logogame would be released in three sections. The first Starcraft 2 game was dubbed Wings of Liberty which featured a campaign mode for the Terrans only and the following expansions would feature Zerg and Protoss campaigns. However after the wait and playing the newest expansion I have been thoroughly impressed. Blizzard has moved a lot of their content to the Free to Play model with their new game Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft which I find disappointing but Heart of the Swarm is so well made and adds so much new content with the expansion that it is well worth the buy.

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm starts where Wings of Liberty left off

At the end of the first game Jim Raynor had successfully rescued Kerrigan from the planet Char and was attempting to transform her back to being human. Just like the last game in Heart of the Swarm it feels like you are playing an active role in an action movie. The cut scenes and storyline are intriguing and are worthy of being a novel all by themselves. I will not go in depth about the storyline because I don’t want to ruin the wonderful plot for those who have not played it.

In Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm the campaign mode is focused on Kerrigan and playing the Zerg race and reveals all kinds of unknown details about the origins and how they operate. In games past the Zerg have been seen as a mindless hive like super evil killing insect race but in Heart of the Swarm you learn much more about them. Overall the campaign is epic in scale and grand in entertainment value and fun. I would recommend buying the game just for the single player campaign alone but in typical Blizzard fashion Starcraft 2 is so much more.starcraft 2 theme

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm features 8 new units

In previous Starcraft games and expansions each new game features several unit additions to the overall game play. What makes Starcraft 2 so much fun is that each race has its own special set of units that have their own strengths and weaknesses yet the game is extremely balanced without one race having too much power over the others. In Heart of the Swarm you will find two new Terran units, the first being the Hellbat which is basically a Helion that is merged into the original Starcraft’s Firebat. This unit can cruise around like a Helion but can morph into a mech like a transformer whenever needed. The second Terran unit is the Widow Mine, and you guessed it… it’s a mine. However they can move around and dig themselves into the ground wherever you want to place them. The Zerg get a massive new creature called the Swarm Host and it is a ground assault unit that produces Locusts which attack and move to its set rally points. The Locusts only last 15 seconds before they die. The other new Zerg unit in Starcraft 2 is the Viper that has several abilities and flies. It is a throwback to Starcraft 1’s Zerg flyer called the Defiler. And last but not least in Heart of the Swarm the Protoss get a new unit called the Tempest which is a long range assault unit and the Oracle which is a harassment unit that has several abilities: Timewarp, Revelation, and Pulsar Beam. The final Protoss unit is the Mothership Core which is a support unit that has several spells and abilities as well.

With the release of Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm comes a much needed Battlenet overhaul

When the original Starcraft 2 came out a couple years ago the online gaming set up was really bad. Blizzard’s Battle.net is their hosting service for players to meet and play multiplayer games for Starcraft 2 and several other titles and it was extremely limited. You could not join specific game types or search for game types. You had the option of match making finder or just selecting the game type you wanted to play and Battlenet would find it for you. It also had no lobby or channels for meeting and chatting which severely hampered the social aspect of the game. That is all changed now and Heart of the Swarm has returned to the original Battlenet style of having lobby and chat channels as well as a much better matchmaking system and search abilities for finding the specific game type you want to play. The map editor program for Starcraft 2 is also extremely powerful and complex allowing map makers to design special rules and game types that give Starcraft 2 such a high replay value. Player made content is what truly drives the Battlenet scene and there is always something new and inventive to try out that other players have designed.starcraft 2 theme I am also very excited for the third Starcraft 2 expansion Legacy of the Void which will focus its single player campaign on the Protoss and the Dark Templar Zeratul. It will be very similar in content as Heart of the Swarm as stated above with a new storyline and several new units for all three races. The story lines for all the games dating back to the original have one continuous plot that is extremely complex and very fun to play a part in and as I stated before is worthy of being a novel all by itself.

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm is another great Blizzard product that I highly recommend.

They continuously set the bar higher and higher with their game content and this addition is just more of the same. This newest expansion is guaranteed to provide hours and hours of endless entertainment.

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