Dec 29 2013
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Director Ben Stiller’s, PG rated, updated version of the James Thurber classic story walter mittyabout a under achieving day-dreamer is a joyful adaptation that celebrates participation in life. With quiet humor and a lot of soul we are taken on one man’s journey to discover how wonderful life is when we simply live in the moment.  That is actually the theme of the movie” Be in the moment and be present in life.”

Join Walter as he escapes and begins to participate in life.

Walter escapes his boring, mundane life by disappearing into his daydreams filled with romance, heroism and lots of action.  Yet, when his job at Life Magazine is threatened he takes action by going on a global journey that is more extraordinary than any of his fantasies have ever been. Ben Stiller, as Walter, turns in a very nuanced performance. We go along with Walter during his transformation from observing life on the sidelines into a man of action and life.  This is not a usual Stiller performance filled with broad humor but engaging and quiet as he breaks out of his own self-imposed limitations.

The other actors are equally superb.  Kristen Wiig, as Cheryl Melhof, Walter’s muse, is charming and actually interested in Walter. Adam Scott, as Ted Hendricks’s, the man to oversee the demise of Life Magazine is wonderful as the arrogant, jerky boss. Sean Penn, as the famed photographer Sean O’Connell, gives a wise, strong performance that gets Walter going on his life transforming journey. But Patton Oswald, as the ever present eHarmony profile advisor, almost steals the movie.  He turns in a lively, warm, hysterical ever eager performance and gets the majority of the laughs during the movie.

The sound track is a delight and is spot on in all the scenes.  The locations are so walter mitty1varied and so is the music. I enjoyed listening to the music and it really enhanced the movie for me.

This is a global journey for Walter and the locations are fantastic – Iceland, New York City and the mountains of Afghanistan.  The cinematography is extraordinary and should be given an Oscar nod. The visual scenes, both beautiful and terrifying, added so much to my enjoyment of the movie. Some scenes actually take one’s breath away.  They certainly put me in the moment and allowed Walter to overcome whatever physical challenges he comes across.

The movie theater was filled with laughter which is always a good sign and a nice way to end the year.  We are reminded to stretch our imaginations, live in the present and beware of our self- imposed limitations.  We get one life and there are no dress rehearsals so make the most of your daily life. This is the lesson that Walter learned and actually got the girl of his dreams in the process. This is a movie that will become a favorite for many people, as it is of mine, and one that they will want to see again and again.  Go to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and come out of the theater invigorated with life and all its possibilities.

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