Dec 31 2013
Total War: Rome 2 Review

rome 2Total War: Rome 2 is the latest release of the Total War series. Rome 2 is everything one would expect from a Total War game and then some more. With 9 playable nations in 272 BC it is much larger in scope than the first Rome game and the non-Roman factions are actually playable not to say the least also enjoyable.

Rome 2 features some new ways to streamline your empire which is now much simpler than Shogun 2. It makes several sectors into provinces controlled by a city and instead of having to create several of the same structures all throughout the map allows provincial construction which makes managing your empire much easier. Generals also have a larger importance in this new game where as past games a general was assigned to you per army construction the new system dictates that you must have a general to raise an army and the number of generals is dependent on the size of your empire. This eliminates the forming of small groups that could lay waste to entire sections of an empire with their speed and elusiveness. This was very un-realistic for the time frame and not how wars were fought. Now you must raise large armies and march them to a provincial capital city and either capture it or lay waste to it to determine who controls the region.

The battles are just as you would expect from the Total War series and which really has always been its bread and butter. The combat system has some really nice improvements focusing on the commander’s ability to control terrain and army layout. You can fortify areas with wooden palisades thus denying access to the region or at least make it more difficult for the enemy to capture. You can also set up ambushes along strategic choke points and allow a much smaller army a chance of victory. The stunning graphics are beautiful and you can zoom all the way in to the battle and it looks like something out of an epic movie. The units are more responsive than previous games and all kinds of little additions have been included. Like when you rout an enemy unit your troops will jump and shout with elation or when they are being attacked by arrows you can watch them raise their shields to protect themselves. All of these new features truly make you feel like you are on the battlefield and the atmosphere is top notch.

Another new element to Total War: Rome 2 is custom maps for special combat regions.

In past Total War games battle ground maps were randomly generated and with Rome 2 if you are laying siege to Rome or Carthage you will be fighting on a custom made map for each city. This is also true for special regions, so if you are assaulting a Celtic fort the map will actually represent it and not some random wood palisade on a randomly generated forest map. A new line of sight feature means that unless your troops can see the enemy neither can you. This makes marching and deployment phases in the early part of battles more crucial and will allow you to actually lay out traps or ambushes for your enemies! Be careful though because this is also true for the enemy and the new AI system really focuses on these points and will actually try and control the strategically important areas of the battlefield.

Total War: Rome 2 Video Gameplay

This new Total War game is great, with its new graphics and game engine players are sure to be amazed at the stunning atmosphere and bloody battles. The new campaign map is also a vast improvement and the new economy system streamlines previously mundane tasks and allows for an overall greater Total War experience.

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Total War: Rome 2 - PC Price: $28.42 - $72.65
Total War Rome 2: Wrath of Sparta [Online Game Code] Price: $14.99

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